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What Is Spiritual Physique?


Spiritual Physique?, developed by Khama Anku, is a global self-empowerment company for men and women who are ready to unleash powerful breakthroughs and experience supernatural increase in every area of their lives!

The Spiritual Physique coaching programs and product line enables you to quickly transform every aspect of your life by using the principles of spiritual fitness, the laws of quantum physics, the science of neurological reprogramming and the power of the Word of God.

Based on Khama's book, The Three Phases of Spiritual Fitness, the program promotes cellular and subatomic level transformation which is imperative for long lasting results. By strengthening your ?spiritual muscles?, tapping into your subconscious mind, and maintaining a strong walk with Christ, REAL breakthroughs are achieved - guaranteed!

* What is a Spiritual Physique? *

A Spiritual Physique is the intangible "body" inside of and surrounding your physical body. Your spiritual muscles are weakened or strengthened by what you think, feel, say and do, as well as by the people and environments around you.

* What is Spiritual Fitness? *

It?s just like training at the gym. With spiritual "weight training," your life experience is your spiritual health club, your thoughts are your spiritual sit-ups, your words are your spiritual barbells and your mental focusing is like endurance training for your soul.

* How will Spiritual Fitness enhance my life? *

By incorporating a spiritual fitness routine into your life, you will develop a more loving relationship with yourself, your body, other people, your finances and your life calling.

* How can I learn the Spiritual Physique Program? *

The best way to learn the system is to read the book, complete the coaching program (one-on-one or via the Unleash Your Breakthrough CD SET and Spiritual Spa?), attend a live event, and implement all of the techniques and strategies presented in the 28-DVD collection of How-To video trainings.

* What is the Spiritual Physique Philosophy? *

Deeply love, cherish, nurture, and respect your heart, mind, body and spirit; your presence will inspire others to do the same.

* Can I "sample" Spiritual Physique? *

Absolutely! Download the FREE E-BOOK below and check out the other FREE GIFTS that are available.


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