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Q. Dear Khama,

Does a person ever get to a point where they do not have to do spiritual fitness and they are just automatically spiritually fit and do not have to work at it anymore?

A. No. Spiritual fitness is just like physical fitness. You can not store up the benefits of healthy eating and exercise for too long. If you eat right and workout, and begin to look and feel great - you have to maintain it if you want to keep on enjoying the benefits.

The same is true with aligning your thoughts, words and mental images. The benefits and results are most potent if you are regularly journaling, praying, visualizing, meditating, etc. Regular maintenance is the key!

You would not expect to look and feel great by being healthy for a short period of time and then letting it all go. Right? So do not expect to be "spiritual" for a short period of time with the intention you will never have do it again.

So, view spiritual fitness as a lifestyle. Then, you will you begin to "automatically" enjoy the benefits!


Dear Khama,

"I am currently in a financial struggle, going through a divorce and dividing up debt. I want to keep the house and succeed in my life coaching business. I have to make ends meet. I need to make money to survive. Any advice?"


Yes, look at your last three statements. "I. I. I." The main difference between where I was and where I am now financially is that I took the focus on "ME" and turned it onto helping others succeed BEFORE ME! Money comes from people. It doesn't fall out of the sky. So, to receive it FROM people, we need to DO something for them, FIRST.

It's so simple!

Step 1) Realize that what you are doing isn't working.

Step 2) Stop thinking about yourself.

Step 3) Think about how you can help others. Ask yourself, "How can I add value to my clients lives?" or "How can I make my clients feel special" or "If I were my client, what would I like from me?" The last one is extra important, because when you treat your clients the way you want to be treated, money comes chasing you down. Again, money comes from people.

Step 4) Immediately order my training, How to Break the Poverty Mindset on DVD. I average $10,000/month working from home - because I broke the poverty mindset to get quality clients. I promise you, with a change in your internal attitude and a change in your external behavior (i.e. effective marketing techniques ) you will be living a financial life you love!

Q. Dear Khama, How do I eliminate disempowering thoughts?

A. Since I know that you just ordered the Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD SET there is a powerful exercise in CD # 5. But I'll give you the short version so you can start the process right now.

Step 1) Take out a sheet of paper and write a line down the middle.

Step 2) Label the Left Side - "Disempowering Beliefs"

Step 3) Label the Right Side- "Empowering Beliefs"

Step 4) Write down any and all Disempowering Beliefs you have on the left side. Even ones you think you are "over"! If they come up, it means there may be some residue lurking around. So, write it down.

Step 5) Counteract the left side by creating empowering beliefs to crush the disempowering ones (even if you do not completely believe it). For example, if your limiting belief is "I don't have enough experience", on the right, you could write something like this..."I have plenty of experience and I'll get more along the way. As a Child of God, I am equipped with the living spirit of Jesus Christ! God put this vision in me and With HIM, all things are possible!!!!"

Then come up with more reasons! Then, add "legs" to support your new found data. Just like legs are what hold a table up for years and years and years, the human mind needs information to "hold up" and support the belief.

Right now, if the limiting thought is, "I don't have enough experience". The human mind SEEKS to find proof - and it becomes your supporting evidence. Which then, creates your action steps.

Now, just flip it. Even if you don't completely believe the empowering thoughts, create as many as you can - the belief will set in after you build "evidence". So be sure to build evidence upon more evidence upon more!


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