"10-minute laser coaching!"

Since I no longer offer 1:1 coaching sessions (except for a few Elite Clients), I wanted to remain connected to those taking their lives to the next level. I truly enjoy the intimacy of private, 1:1 phone coaching sessions - so even with a very busy schedule, I'm committed to offering this feature monthly!

So on a regular basis, I open up a special phone line for first come, first served 10-minute one-on-one private laser coaching sessions - at no cost!

Just call my special phone line designated for "open call-in hours" and ask me ANYTHING, such as spiritual, business, relationship, health or financial advice. It's always a BLAST and really provides that extra "edge" to take you straight to the top!

Call-in hours are 100% FREE and valued at $175! Register below to be in the loop about the next call-in hours - you'll get all of the details, including the date, time and special phone number.


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